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Fraud Prevention

Service Sold is dedicated to keeping fraudulent members off this site. We have several systems in place to detect and prevent any fraudulent activity. Online fraudsters or scammers can use various tactics to take advantage of people. Service Sold is not immune to scams but if it does occur, we will work closely with law enforcement and assist with investigations 24/7 to prevent scammers and spammers from interfering with your positive experience.

Fraud Example

Your selected Service Provider is asking you for a NON-bank to bank wire transfer, instant cash service, such as MoneyGram or Western Union, all of these are direct violation of our user terms. Once you have sent any money, you cannot retract or trace the payment. Although Service Provider labor down payments are permitted at Service Sold (25% max) - most fraud occurs when a Service Provider requests partial payment upfront. This scenario is very common in home improvement and construction industry.

If your Service Provider requests payment via a non-bank, or instant cash service you have the option to tell the Service Provider that you are not comfortable with that form of down payment and agree to pay only via a safer payment method ( i.e. PayPal, credit card, or bank to bank transfers ) or cancel their service and use our Plan B option. It is recommended that you meet your service provider in person whenever possible prior to giving them a down payment and only pay the balance after project completion and your inspection and approval.

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