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Headquartered and founded in greater Cleveland, OH, the Service Sold mission statement is to provide an open marketplace where all consumers can get great service at an unbeatable value. The founder and CEO is former real estate professor, trainer and consultant: Mike Dennis.

After years of struggle and frustration trying to find affordable Service Providers who are both timely and dedicated, the concept of a well-balanced home improvement projects where customers select their winner was born. Dennis, with the collaboration of Customers, Service Providers, and industry experts went in search of the perfect solution for both sides. The end result is - the original and one of a kind home improvement Selective Bidding System™ that is fun, exciting, and very effective. This innovative and market tested online system that combines the latest technologies has changed the service industry forever.

At Service Sold we understand that choosing a Service Provider for your biggest investment can be both emotionally and financially difficult. However, our Selective Bidding System™ is specifically designed to help the over 2 million people per day that search the internet for home improvement and construction services.

We strongly believe there are countless Service Providers in the industry that both excel and provide great value but just need more opportunity to show their excellence. We now see consumers who experience project cost certainty no longer fearing home improvement or construction service and as a result tackling projects previously thought out of reach. With numerous benefits for all parties of Service Sold, we believe the community as a whole is the real winner. More jobs for the economy, great looking and performing properties, a helping hand for all charities, and an overall better world to live in are the goals of the Service Sold team. You will always be welcome to join us because, after all, service is everything.

At Service Sold - great service value is not just our mission, not just our passion, it's our obsession.

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