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Lawn & Garden ( Tree Services & Removal )

Stump removal needed: No
Wood removal needed: No
Is tree leaning or storm damaged: No
Estimated height of tree in feet: Over 30 feet
Number of trees needing to be removed: 1
Just trim or thin tree: No

Project Description

I have a large maple tree in backyard that I want cut down .. you can have wood or if placed neatly the logs can stay, I will provide a space. I''d prefer everything clean and gone but I can accommodate. I am pretty easy going and know vehicles will leave marks in yard I will have backyard re-seeded in spring so no worries. the tree is 10 foot in circumference about 39 inches in Diameter and not sure on height but at least 60'' I''d say --- look at pictures. feel free to stop by and size up the job. I will need you to be self insured and responsible. I am willing to pay $200 more to have stump grinder take out stump along with surface roots so I can reseed. I can entertain this job being strung over two weekends if this is a side job activity ... I guess I''m just trying to say I am easy to work with.

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