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Total square foot of work area ( length x width ): 300
What rooms are involved: Basement
Service needed: Design and build it
Project site: Existing Building
Nature of project: Remodel existing area

Project Description

I would like to enclose a recreation room in my basement that is already partially finished. I would like a wall erected, a door installed and the exposed cinder block covered with drywall and painted. The next portion of this job is to build a full bathroom in the basement. You would be converting my current storage area and installing flooring, toilet, vanity and shower stall. i would like a nice, clean and modern look. Seeking a service provider who can also suggest design ideas. I am just trying to create an area for guests to hang out when at my house and also have a bathroom for convenience so people don''t have to go upstairs to use my one and only bathroom in the house.

How It Looks Now

Present condition of project area:


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Project Questions

Service Provider 2180-OH :: I have some mental ideas to fit this in to an incredible lounge area for your guest. My question is do you intend to use regularly or is it more of like special occasions. Also are your guests likely to smoke in this area because it helps to create possibilities because if you are welcome to that I have about 3 or 4 ideas , it would give me an idea of which direction I would aim you toward the best fit.

Customer :: Yes, it will be an area that is used quite often. No smoking will take place in this area. Just would like a lounge type feel. I plan to put a sofa bed down there so that it can double as a guest bedroom if needs be.

Service Provider 2180-OH :: Also would like to know if there is any existing plumbing in the basement for toilet or if we need to create it

Customer :: You would need to create it. The main stack is right next to the bathroom site.

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