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Paving ( Driveway )

Repair of surface needed: Resurface area with new layer
Existing Surface: Asphalt
Total square foot of repair area ( length x width ): 1500

Project Description

This is an existing driveway that was used at one time for truck traffic. It has a couple of layers asphalt already on the driveway, with the last top coat looking like it may be over 50 years old. The existing top coat is breaking up in areas. The driveway is now used for car traffic (to park in the garage). I need to have portions of the existing top coat removed by the garage (about the first 15''). I also need the final apron section to be flush with the sidewalk, which means a portion of the existing driveway will need to be scraped off so the new top coat will still have at least a 2" thickness. I''m looking for a 2" thick for topcoat, on a fresh tack coat, for the 100'' x 15'' driveway.

How It Looks Now

Present condition of project area:


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